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English Teacher, English Instructor, Teacher Trainer

Job Objective  

To continue teaching in an academic environment and assisting my students in their learning endeavours by making learning fun and meaningful for them while continuously improving myself in the process. To share my teaching knowledge and experience with my colleagues.  



2003–2005 Department of English Language Teaching, Marmara University, Istanbul,Turkey. Transferred from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University 2001–2003 Department of English Language Teaching, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Çanakkale, Turkey. Transferred to Marmara University  

2013-2019  English Teacher, İrfan Private Schools, Madenler Campus, İstanbul  


Worked with grade 8 students mostly and prepared them for TEOG exam.  

Designed TEOG mock exams  

Ran intensive TEOG prep classes  

Did reading and main course classes with grade 5 and 6.  

Cooperated in EARLY LEARN TO LEARN ENVIRONMENT “EL2LE” , Erasmus + Project team

2011–2013 Branch Manager, American Cultural Language Schools Çekmeköy VIP Branch, Istanbul. www.amerikankulturcekmekoy.com  

Directed the team teachers, sales assistants and cleaning stuff  

Did  educational consulting for new students  

Recruited teachers  

Ran teacher training programs  

Designed English for Specific Purposes (ESP) syllabi for adults and young adults  

2005-2007  English Teacher, BilgeAdam IT Academy, Istanbul. www.bilgeadam  

Taught General English and Technical English classes  

Taught Beginner-Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and UpperIntermediate levels  

Followed CALL method  

Used Tell Me More program  

2004-2005  English Teacher Intern,  

Pertevniyal Anatolian High School, Istanbul. http://www.pertevniyal.biz  


Extracurricular Courses, Seminars and Certifications  


Pedagogical Framework For European Competence Learning to Learn -  a 50 hour training course, Uppsala, Sweden,  May 2015th  

TESOL Trainer  Training – American Cultural Language Schools Headquarters, Antalya , June 15th 2013  

Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) - Course, ITI, Istanbul, Turkey.  

Train the Trainer - Course, British Side, Istanbul, Turkey ,  Jan 2009  

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) - Course, British Side, Istanbul, Turkey , Dec 2008  



  • Eğitimde Koçluk Eğitimi,  House of  Human  Koçluk Eğitim Danışmanlık , 2018.
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Workshops 1-2-3,  İstanbul,  2017-2018.
  • Early Learn to Learn  Environment International Final Conference (EL2LE), İstanbul, May 15th 2016
  • Learning Activity for the project 2014-TR01-KA201o13169, organized by Folkuniversitetet,  in Uppsala, Sweden , 5-10th May 2015




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